2023 ELVIS Invitational Tournament Rules

The 2023 ELVIS Invitational Tournament shall be held

Saturday September 2nd and Sunday September 3rd.

Sam’s Town Bowling Center

5111 Boulder Hwy. Las Vegas NV. 89122

A. Sanctioning

• The 2023 ELVIS is a USBC certified Tournament.

Certification Number (04133).

• ELVIS is a member of the International Gay Bowling

Organization (IGBO).

• All participants must be members of USBC

• All entrants must be an IGBO member for the 2022/2023 season, which includes anyone who has bowled in an IGBO-sanction league. Otherwise, bowlers must be a

current IGBO Associate member or pay the IGBO Associate Membership Fee of $25.00 to join.

B. Taxes

• Any bowler who wins $600 or more in any event (including all optional events) will be required to provide the Tournament sponsors with a W9 form and an IRS Form 1099‐MISC will be issued to the bowler for prize winnings. By registering for the tournament, all bowlers acknowledge this policy and further acknowledge that failure to provide the required W9 form within 30 days of the date of request will be just caused to forego ALL prize winnings in excess of $599.99.

C. Event Participation

• ELVIS entrants are required to hold a current USBC membership card. Participants who must be an IGBO member or bowl in a current IGBO sanctioned league. Non-IGBO members will be required to purchase an IGBO membership at the tournament or will be disqualified.

• ELVIS is a mixed handicap competition.

• The tournament is by invitation only and entries can be denied.

• The tournament shall consist of handicap events as follows:

o Team, Doubles, and Singles.

• Each participant shall bowl three (3) games per event and must enter all three (3) events.

• Teams will consist of four members comprising any combination of men and women.

• All participants will compete on an equal basis without regard to gender identity.

• Doubles partners must come from the same team.

• Each participant may only bowl once in each event.

• Professional bowlers may bowl in ELVIS. However, only one (1) professional bowler per team will be allowed.

o A professional bowler is defined as any person who has been a “card‐carrying” member of a professional bowling organization within the twelve (12) months immediately preceding ELVIS.

o Professional bowlers must identify themselves as such at the time of check-in.

D. Awards and Prizes

• All cash awards shall be based on the total pins plus assigned handicap for each event except for optional events as defined below under Entry Fees.

• Awards will be given for the highest Singles, Doubles, and Team scores. The awards ratio for each event shall be at least 1:10.

• A tie in any position will result in the sum of the prizes being aggregated for the tied positions and divided equally by the number of ties for that placement. • Prizes will be distributed via check payable in US currency within thirty (30) days of the completion of the tournament, barring any protests.

E. Entering Averages

• Any bowler entering ELVIS must have an established ten‐pin average acceptable to USBC.

• The following rules shall be used to determine the entering average:

o The bowler’s highest 2022‐2023 fall/winter single league average of 21 games or more shall be used unless, the bowler’s IGBO TAD covering the period August 31, 2022, thru August 31, 2023 with a minimum of 18 games is one (1) or more pins higher than (a), in which case IGBO TAD shall be used.

o If none of the above is available, the bowler’s 2021‐2022 USBC highest book average (including winter and summer leagues) with a minimum of 21 games.

o 2023 Summer league averages shall not be used unless none of the above are available. If none of the above are available, the highest August 31, 2023 average with a minimum of 21 games will be used.

o Averages resulting from sport bowling leagues will be accepted using the USBC sport bowling average conversion chart to determine entering average if none of the above averages are available.

o If none of the above averages are available, the entering average to be used will be 230.

o Tournament Director has the final decision on average to be used and reserves the right to rerate any bowler.

• The above averages must be verified with one of the following documents:

o Bowl.com average verification

o League standing sheet provided by league secetary

o IGBO TAD • The handicap for the tournament shall be based on 90% of the difference between the bowler’s entering average and a scratch score of 230. Negative handicap will not be used.

F. Attendance and Substitutes

• It is solely and entirely the bowler’s responsibility to be present at the assigned lanes at the time of bowling.

• Complete Doubles and Team entrants must be present for bowling each event. If a team member or doubles partner is not present, an authorized substitute may be used if competition in any event has not started. If no substitute is available, a zero score will be used.

• Late bowlers will begin bowling in the frame in which they are ready, with prior frames being scored as zero. No practice balls will be allowed for late bowlers.

• Substitutes may bowl at the discretion of the Tournament Director. Their entering average must comply with ELVIS rules.

• There shall be ten (10) minutes of practice allowed before each event.

G. Entry Requirements

• The entry fee shall be $115.00

• Entries received after midnight on August 2, 2023, shall be assessed a $20.00 late charge

• Entry must be completed online. The entry fee must be paid online by PayPal.

• Registration will close at 10pm (PST) on August 19, 2023. No late entries will be accepted.

• Entries shall be limited to a maximum of 54 teams/216 bowlers. Once this maximum has been reached, no further entries shall be accepted.

• Entries are not considered accepted without all required information and payment in full for the tournament entry and, if applicable, late charge.

• Partial team entries will be accepted, and tournament management will make every effort to fill vacancies.

• Once an entry has been accepted, no refunds will be issued unless due to tournament being sold out.

• Bowlers who have “free entry” certificates must indicate such on their online entry and present said certificate prior to completing online payment.

o “Free entry” certificates must be redeemed by August 19, 2023. Failure to register and redeem the certificate by this date renders the certificate void.

o No refunds shall be issued for bowlers who have failed to present the “free entry” certificate prior to payment.

H. Entry Fees and Prize Distribution

• Lineage - $24.75 ($2.75/game)

• Expenses - $17.25 (IGBO fee, trophies, tournament supplies, PayPal Fees)

• IGBO 2025 Fundraising - $10.00

• Prize Fund - $63.00 (breakdown below)

• Prize fund distribution

o Team 34% ($21.56/bowler)

o Doubles 33% ($20.72/bowler)

o Singles 33% ($20.72/bowler)

• Optional Events and Cost listed below (Returned 100% to the bowlers)

o Best 3 out of 9 Handicap ($25)

o Mystery Doubles ($20 all 9 games)

o Optional Open Handicap and Open Scratch All Events ($25 Each) Bowler may enter both

o Optional Women Handicap All Events ($25)

o Optional Senior Handicap All Events ($25)

o Scratch Masters

• Division A – Averages 210 and up - $50

• Division B – Average 185 to 209 - $45

• Division C – Average 160 to 184 - $40

• Division D – Average 159 and below - $35

I. Protests

• Any claims of errors or disputes must be submitted to tournament management in writing within seventy‐two (72) hours of the error/dispute. The protesting bowler(s) and the Tournament Director shall settle the dispute per ELVIS and USBC Tournament Rules. The decision of the tournament management will be final unless a written appeal is filed with USBC Headquarters within the time limits in USBC Rule 329.

J. General

• Any person attending ELVIS that requires special assistance must notify the Tournament Director in writing prior to the tournament weekend.

• All bowlers should adhere to a one lane courtesy.

K. Scratch Masters

• Top 8 scratch entrants in each division bowl a Single elimination bracket style format

• #1 vs. #8, #2 vs. #7, #3 vs. #6, #4 vs. #5 will bowl a 3-game match with highest scratch total moving on to the next round of 4 bowlers. Those bowlers will bowl another 1-game match with the highest scratch score moving on to the final round. The final 2 bowlers will bowl 1 game to determine the Scratch Masters champion in their division.

• If a tie exists at the end of the 3-game match a 1 ball roll-off will decide the winner with highest ball count being declared the winner.

• Should a division have less than 8 entrants the tournament director reserves the right to change the format for that division. All entrants will be advised of changes before starting Scratch Masters competition.